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Creative Solutions

This is the homepage for the Creative Clarity website, run by Maggie Hodge Kwan, consultant. Here, you can find information about what I do: design thinking and other creative processes to bring about creative, fun, projects, workshops, training, etc. 

What is Creative Clarity?

Consulting, training, and facilitation with inspiration.

With a human-centric design lens, Creative Clarity shares and guides you through thought provoking practices to help your work be as impactful as possible.


Are you guilty of designing from the whiteboard – that is, working with your usual team and your trusty whiteboard (or flipchart paper!), to develop a process, product, or service? Sure, it seems harmless. In fact, it might even seem helpful! However, designing from the whiteboard is designing without research and without input from stakeholders or customers, and it explains why some projects flop before they’ve even been launched. This doesn’t just happen in business, either: all sectors have experienced this unfortunate outcome.


At Creative Clarity, I recognize that time and resources are often tight, so organizations sacrifice true engagement for convenience. But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? I can incorporate the hallmarks of human-centric design – research, empathy, and creative thinking - into your unique project, and deliver a result that engages your team and the end user. Here’s the cherry on top: together, we can do the work in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


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Current and recent projects include

  • Camp Ignite (with my friends at Ready to Raise!)
  • Alberni Valley Community Foundation, Vital Signs report
  • Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce, grant writing
  • School District #70, grant writing
  • City of Campbell River Parks and Recreation department, User fee review
  • Dan Holder/ Alberni Clayoquot Regional District, Exercise Coastal Response
  • Decoda Literacy Conference: Human Centred Solutions workshop
  • Cities Fit for Children Provincial Summit: Unlocking Imagination (presentation with Nathan Kwan)
  • School District #70, research, community facilitation, grant writing
  • Julie Rushton Community Consulting, Success by 6 Regional co-ordination
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, BC Chapter, Get Outside BC
  • Libberock Holdings, Inc., facilitated planning
  • Port Alberni Parks, Recreation, and Heritage department, program evaluation (pro bono)